Meet Shikha

A Production Manager (for Animation and Games) by profession, there was a time in my career when I was enjoying my 12-hour daily work job being oblivious of the stress this professional growth was causing to my health. Every day involved fighting, inside me, to keep myself up and running. It caused me a panic attack that shook my health, my confidence and who I thought I was.

It was then, that I turned to Yoga as a form of self-practice trying step by step to regain my health back. Being on the mat, raised the self-confidence to believe in myself. It gave me back the feeling of being happy in small achievements than those bigger aspirations that we run day after day without realizing what it may cost us later in our lives, denying the reality that the underlying stress may cost us.

What goes inside the mind is invisible. It is therefore essential to understand and take care of our mental health. Yoga has helped me manage my stress levels and take control of my health and mind. It helped in rediscovering myself. It has given me the inner stability and physical strength to come out of my shell, be comfortable with who I am, and gain my self-confidence.

As I dove deep into years of education and practice, it changed my perspective about my thoughts and my notions. It taught me that there are no failures and each of those mistakes pave a path for a stronger self. I felt a different sense of happiness and to take this journey further I did my Yoga Teacher Training from India.

Through this journey, I realized that all we need is strength, knowledge and experience to manage the down times. We may all experience tough times, anxiety can enter our lives in any form. It could be work related, caused by an unhealthy relationship or even because of the pandemic. We can still make a difference to our physical and mental health. Give yourself a small window of time in your busy schedule to practice Yoga. Walking this path will help you come out stronger and be better prepared for any situation. Let the feeling of happiness not drain from your hearts.